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Get ready for the greatest!

Boxfit UK are thrilled to exclusively offer Adidas MyGloves to the UK market. MyGloves give you a completely customisable experience that puts you in the driving seat. Design the perfect boxing gloves that are handcrafted by experts in the US and own gloves that are truly your design and yours alone.

Why customise your boxing gloves?

A new way to get bespoke gloves to boost your performance in the ring and flex your hidden designer skills, these are the preferred gloves of pros like Chris Algieri and Heather Hardy.

When you can choose colours and add text, you can put your mark on an important part of your kit to stand out in sparring or in contests.

Plus, there’s just something about knowing they’re one of a kind that adds to your energy and flair when wearing them in the ring.

Why Adidas MyGloves?

  • They’re built to your specific colour requirements
  • Premium quaily every time
  • Made with the best materials including leather, horsehair, and Japanese foam
  • Ideal for contests and sparring
  • Customise name application
  • Lace-up or hook and loop options available

Each pair of gloves offer superior fist protection, with well-padded thumbs for comfort, and a tapered shape mould to your hand.

You can’t go wrong!

Our top tips for Adidas MyGloves

  • Choose your glove type from lace-up fight gloves, hook and loop training gloves, and lace-up training gloves
  • Click through a variety of your favourite colours and type in and view a few versions of the text you might want
  • Think about adding your boxing name or a motivational phrase
  • Look to the pros - what do your favourite boxers wear?
  • Keep it true to your style - make your gloves reflect your identity
  • Have fun with it!

Need inspiration?

Check out the gallery above to see some of the epic designs that have already been created by boxers just like you. If in doubt, try it using all the options in the designer tool and see where each click takes you.

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Please note the total cost include shipping, packaging, and taxes to import from the US to the UK and Europe. Deliveries can be expected to be sent within 4-6 weeks after payment, sent via DHL.

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