Sports Shop EPoS Systems from Intelligent Retail

If you run a busy sports shop you will already know the key to time management is using the right systems to keep track of everything. The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system not only manages sales in your shop, Connect also manages all of your selling across all online channels including any eCommerce website connected to the system!

The Connect EPoS System is designed for sports shops and can handle as many online selling channels as you need. Ebay, Amazon, Google Products and many more channels like Facebook shopping can be easily managed from within Connect, meaning no more dealing with Ebay's seller interface or any other management panel for your online sales - all sales from online channels come back into Connect, meaning you have one, central management panel and lots of data you can use to improve your business!

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system handles all of your products beautifully, set them up once in Connect and then sell wherever you need to via 'drag and drop' functionality. Best of all, sales from every channel come right back to your till interface, so you can immediately see where sales have come from, what the product sold is and who bought it.

Centrallised Stock Control

The Connect EPoS system for sports retailers is designed around a central database and stock management system so all stock is taken off one central repository. This means there is no chance of overselling and therefore you can closely keep an eye on stock levels across your store. The centrallised stock system powers the Connect system and means that it's easy to manage all products, you can even import products from the patented Barcode Connect system, simply by scanning a barcode! This pulls in all product information including product description and images, all with one swipe of a barcode reader.

Integrated at the Core

The Intelligent Retail Sports Shop Connect system has been designed to deal with multiple optioned products, so you can sell many different colourways and sizes of products quickly and easily. Connect is also integrated into many different business systems, for instance delivery systems, postal systems and Sage accounting software, so you really do get a fully integrated business system which can handle everything, all in one system.

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