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Technology is playing an increasingly important role across all sports, with marginal gains and heightened analysis helping to make a difference for sportspeople from far and wide.


This is now starting to spread into the world of boxing, enabling people of all ages and abilities to get more out of their workout and push their limits.


Corner is the company behind one of the leading boxing trackers on the market. The information it delivers provides an incredible insight into your workout and helps you to understand the kind of efforts you are putting in.


Corner’s boxing trackers are perfect for anybody keen to stay on top of their performance in the gym, and can be used for boxing as well as other forms of martial arts and combat sport training.


How does the Corner boxing tracker work? You simply wear a wristband which includes the tracker. This then monitors your hand gestures and can track what you are doing during your workouts or sparring.


These wristbands fit comfortably under gloves, meaning you can fight or train like normal and monitor all your movements and exertions accurately.


The Corner boxing tracker app is easily connected to the tracker itself, and can be viewed and reviewed to ensure you get an accurate representation of your efforts. You can take advantage of features such as round-by-round punch breakdowns, as well as enjoy a variety of workout modes.


All in all, the Corner Boxing Tracker is a fantastic way to stay on top of your workouts, so don’t miss out.


Corner is one of a host of brands with excellent offerings for boxers. Be sure to browse through the full selection of brands we have products available from at Boxfit.

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