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Boxfit is pleased to be able to provide enthusiasts, competitors and newcomers to the world of boxing with access to some of the leading products and brands in the world.


We are committed to continuously delivering excellent options for our customers, and are always seeking out the big names to offer the broadest and best choices.


One big name brand we are proud to stock products from is Meister. Founded in 2006, Meister is a boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness brand with headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon.


Meister boxing gloves have developed a strong reputation as a great option for fighters, with the Meister pro boxing gloves enjoying a particularly positive reputation.


We at Boxfit are delighted to be able to provide Meister products to our customers. A highlight of our range is the Meister Glove and Boots Deodorisers we stock. These can help to increase the lifespan of your gloves by preventing breakdown from moisture. This product keeps your gloves and boots smelling pleasant even when you have given it some serious gusto during your work outs.


Be sure to browse through the Meister range and all the other brands we have available here at Boxfit.  

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    Increase the lifespan of your gloves by avoiding breakdown from moisture with the Meister Glove Deodoriser - In our opinion this is the best Deodoriser we have ever used!  With a consistently strong smell, these ...

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