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How to improve your boxing reactions

2nd Jul 2022

Your reactions are massively important in a boxing ring. How you react physically and mentally to your opponent and what they pose against you is vital to securing victory.Even if you are simply using boxing training as a way to get fit and enhance your self-discipline, being able to react and move …
Boxing Padwork – All you need to know

Boxing Padwork – All you need to know

30th Jun 2022

Becoming a top boxer takes a huge amount of dedication. One of the reasons the best reach the point they do is their ability to hone skills across a selection of areas.  As well as the strength, conditioning and fitness a boxer needs, true mastery involves reaching an exceptional level of …

The most iconic boxing shorts in history

29th May 2022

Whether you are a seasoned boxer, are just starting out, or simply a fan of the sport, there are many different reasons why people are drawn to boxing. One reason is the visual entertainment on show. The thrill of the big fight, with a bubbling sense of anticipation and build up, trying to …
How to improve your boxing footwork

How to improve your boxing footwork

15th May 2022

A boxer’s skillset needs to be multi-faceted if they are to truly succeed. The very best in the business have honed skills across a number of areas to get to where they are. A big consideration here is footwork. You might be able to punch like King Kong, but without the required levels of dexte …
The importance of having the right boxing footwear

The importance of having the right boxing footwear

11th May 2022

When we think of the perfect boxing performance, it’s likely that many elements will work together harmoniously. The body of a boxer needs to be finely tuned and able to work in unison to deliver what is required. This extends all the way from the top of the head, which needs to move effectivel …