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The Best Cardio Training Exercises for Boxers

The Best Cardio Training Exercises for Boxers

4th May 2022

A boxer looking tired in a gym

Boxing requires discipline. And this discipline needs to cover a number of areas. Be it a fighter’s mental strength, physical ability or fitness levels, if one is not up to scratch, that presents an immediate opportunity to an opponent.

Whether you are a serious fighter or simply using boxing training to get in shape, the importance of having a good cardiovascular basis from which to work shouldn’t be underestimated.

Think of cardio like a platform for your entire performance. You can have the best right hook in the world, but if you are not fit enough, you won’t be able to throw it in the way you want to consistently.

This means finding exercises to enhance your cardiovascular abilities is a must as a boxer. In the latest Boxfit blog, we pick out a few exercises that can make a real difference to your cardio capabilities.

A runner tying shoelaces ahead of a run


‘Roadwork’ is something boxers have used for generations to get into good physical shape.

If you have never run seriously before, we recommend starting off easy and building your way up. Once you reach a certain point, doing higher intensity runs and greater milage can push things forward from a cardio perspective.

Running will also help you enhance your ability to read what’s going on in your body during exercise. This will serve you well, giving you a better awareness of what you can do physically and when you can do it.

As well as being a great way to boost aerobic fitness, running can help you shed any unwanted weight and allow you to maintain a good mindset. Running is a particularly good boxing cardio workout for beginners, as it is easy to get moving and you will quickly see big benefits.

Two people skipping in a dark boxing gym


Skipping is another must-try for any boxer, as the benefits of this exercise are multi-faceted.

Skipping is primarily used to boost footwork and coordination, but being able to skip for a sustained period requires a high-level of cardio output. This means any serious skipping session can help to boost your cardio levels in a positive way.

Other benefits include heightened body awareness, helping you to develop a better understanding of body positioning. This will serve you well in the ring, alongside the cardio benefits that skipping brings.

An exercise bike for a spinning class


Spinning has really taken off as a fitness option for people looking to get in better shape, with spinning classes both in person and online all the rage.

Spinning has a really positive effect on your lower body, with the exercise bike testing a host of muscles in new ways. This can help strengthen muscle groups that can then serve you well when boxing. A strong lower body also provides additional dynamism and power, complimenting your upper body skillset.

Spinning also requires you to work up a significant sweat, while the up and down pace of spinning also helps your cardio system adjust more easily to different intensity levels.

A woman swimming in a swimming pool


For a cardio workout that doesn’t put too much strain on muscles and joints, swimming is a great option.

A dip in the pool can help relax muscle groups that can take a battering during boxing training. A few lengths can also help enhance your cardiovascular abilities, making swimming a strong option for boxers looking for a different kind of cardio activity.

Two athletes doing circuit training

Circuit training and HIIT

One of the best ways to mix up your training and find new ways to test your limits is with circuit training.

With different exercises focused on various areas of your body, circuit training is an excellent way to build strength and change the part of your body that you focus on. Throughout any circuit training session though, your cardiovascular system is going to be tested, helping to strengthen it and build your fitness.

HIIT is another type of workout that has gone from strength to strength, and is a brilliant way to make quick gains.

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and involves periods of vigorous anaerobic exercise, before a brief period of recovery, then exercising again.

HIIT is great for boxers as the high level of intensity required, followed by brief rests, is similar to a boxing fight and the rounds and breaks. This means HIIT is one of the best ways to boost cardio, as well as to test your body and mind’s ability to go again and again.

A young woman preparing to exercise

Mix it up

Cardio fitness is a vital part of any sporting activity, but each of us is likely to have a preferred way to boost our fitness.

We are all different, but trying out a new activity to enhance cardio can help bring a new aspect and energy to your training.

Finding activities that demand different things from your body can help you reach new levels of performance, and keep you feeling fresh mentally.

A woman in fitness clothing

Get to the level you want with Boxfit

We hope this blog has given you an idea on some of the best cardio for boxing, helping you find ways to reach a new level of performance.

Cardio exercises are not always fun but they are rewarding, and are very beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Find the perfect cardio exercise for you and watch the improvements come your way.

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